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2062 Draper question

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I am looking at trading for a 36ft 2062 draper head and have a question about the transport/gauge wheels on the back. It really looks like a mickey mouse deal for transport but do they serve any purpose in the field? I thought i read something about gauge wheels to help in uneven terrain... are these the same wheels? Or can i just take them off?

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YOu do not want the 2062 with the header transport on it..

Just get a good header trailor and pull it with it..

Also yeah there are guage wheels on each side that you set according to the stubble you want

i think thats the right way to explain it

Do get a good header trailor...we have Unverferths....and they will work...i like the look of J&M's

Also it has to be for a draper head.....(trailor i mean)

Hope this helps
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We just bought 2 of believe me i'll post in detail what we think

and pic's....i promise

good pic's the way
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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