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2144 or 2344

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Smallfarmer here with 200 acres of my own and 300 acres custom work. What are some of the differences in 21 and 23 series combines other than price? Is 3000 hrs on one of these machines where everything starts needing to be replaced/rebuilt? Do any of you think the used market will soften anytime before next harvest season? Thanks.
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a 2144 would probably be a better fit. 2344 might be quite a bit of combine for just 200 acres. 3000 separator hours, is when they start to get a bit worn, and if someone has 3000 hours on a 2344 already they were probably pushin that sucker pretty hard...
We did a lot of rebuilding on our 2144 around 1700 hrs. It's just a matter of how far you want to let things go. Not much difference between a 21 and a 23. Base your decision on price and condition. We put over a 1000 acres a year on our 2144 no problem.
A 2344 is actually less HP than 2144, 170hp vs 180hp, something to do with emissions I think. There are a few small changes, I think climate control is one, different air cleaner, maybe tailings return volume indicator. My 2144 had about 3000hrs on it when I got it and the dealer had spent $17,000 on parts and labor, but it was 100% when I got it. Saw a nice 2166 sell today, $70,000. I would think after all the new combines get delivered there will be more used avalable therefore cheaper. TORQUE
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