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2152 and 8120 question

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New to us 2011 2152 header for out 8120 was an awesome investment. Cut 2 quarters with it this weekend. But it doesn't have AHHC sensor, plus when I hook it up to combine, we don't even get a manual height indicator on the pro600. Is that normal? Its kinda hard to see at night really how high you are cutting.
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Ya I didn't get a chance to call today to find out how much HHC is, I assume you can get a kit. A week to install it though? Not sure I read that right....

I did change the settings in toolbox on head 1 and 2 on the pro600, but manual height doesn't say anything, just ---.
Instead of worrying about that issue, the kit is only $350 so ordered one and will put it on!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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