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2152 Auto height control on 8120

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I have a 2152 header on a 8120 combine and the header doesn't have Auto Height Control on it. My dealer wasn't sure what was required to add to the front to get it operational. Would the combine have everything on it that is required ? Is there a kit with everything in it or do you need to purchase individual parts ? Your help is always greatly appreciated.
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Your combine has everyting needed. You just need a float optimizer kit for your header.
i put one on my 2152 the other day, they sell it as a kit and can be installed in a hour, few adjustments needed in the pro 600 and all is working great, actually works ok
My 2152 header doesn't have a float indicator. Is this included in the kit or would I need to source one of them as well. Thanks for your help.
Thanks bussard. I'll go see if my dealer can get it for me.
is the auto height control different to the float control?
Does height control raise & lower the whole header? or does it just tilt it forward and back?
I am interested in putting it on a 2152. Not for harvesting in float mode, just controlling height in wheat & barley crops.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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