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Hello all.
9 years ago I bought a 10 year old 2166, replaced my dad's JD 9400. And as with everything I do, Well this just isn't as good as his old JD. For the first 5 years I got along real good with, only minor repairs. (it was completely rebuilt when I got it) then spent $7500 with the CMI, then $15000, then $30000 when insurance fixed rock damage and it got a new concave and AFX rotor. Since then I cant get it set to do anything. We over load the clean grain elevator, and the shoe constantly. Now this year we are picking 240BPA corn with a 1063 at 16% moisture, and don't have a clean sample, lots thought the tailings, and plugging the shoe. Its dry out and only going 3.5mph.
Concave is set about 4.3
rotor is 400
fan is 1200
and where do I set the sieves?
shoe is wide open now (yes that is not right)
front pre is open about 1/2
top center is about 1/2
and back is open all the way.
That's the way I ended up with it set to finish tonight. I have closed everything down and just started opening it up to get the corn in the tank and not plug up. But nothing seems to be working. OH and of course I don't get to run it, dad does that but he doesn't like to stop to adjust anything, so I have to get it close and hope it works. So before I kill him can somebody give me some pointers. Im really beginning to wish I had my old standard rotor back in it. The new AFX rotor pulls so much easier it made a completely different machine out of it. Only run out of power in green stemmed soybeans now.
Well any help or ideas would be appreciated
Located in east central Illinois, local dealer tells me, well..... its just trial and error.

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Lots of things to look at here, and I'm just guessing since I can't see it in person. First off, what's making the sample dirty? If you've got a lot of broken cobs you might need to open the concaves. The cobs should be coming out the back mostly intact (providing you have a beater instead of a chopper). Rotor speed looks okay, but it would wouldn't hurt to make an adjustment if all else fails. I'm running 450rpm with the concaves about 5, but that's on a 2388 with a standard rotor. Also, is there much trash going through the corn head? Maybe you need to open the deck plates a little to keep from dragging in a bunch of stalks.

Next, the clean grain elevator. Is it on the high-speed sprocket? Make sure the elevator chain is good, too, since it can't carry grain efficiently if the paddles are worn out.

On the sieves, you shouldn't be running much tailings if the shoe is wide open (which really isn't bad in corn, by the way). The chaffer and fan should do almost all of the cleaning. Having the back section of the chaffer wide open will increase tailings, so close it a little and see if that helps. The rest of the chaffer adjustments really are trial and error. As long as it isn't weedy, corn should be easy to clean, so I'm still thinking rotor or header (remember, garbage in equals garbage out).

Lastly, I don't think I'd be too offended by 3.5mph in 240bu corn, but I've never been around a 2166 before and don't know what it's "supposed" to do. And talk to your dad about it. Ride a couple rounds, (tactfully) tell him you want to make some adjustments, and see if you can get it sorted out. Good luck!
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