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It shouldn't be an issue for you as we put a 30' 2020 on our 2388 last year. There is an adapter kit you will need for the hookups and the throat size difference. Your dealer should have the info.

I couldn't tell you how well it worked as we only used it on 80 acres. We snapped the left foot off the frame of our 1020 and needed a different head. The dealer didn't have any used ones we could rent, but did have a new 2020. We had made up our minds we were going to get a 10 series at the end of the fall anyway so we got it. We ended up gettting a season old 8010 instead of a new 7010 and also traded for a 40' 2162.

It's not there yet but anyone interested in a 30' 2020 with 80 acres on it talk to Arnolds in Wilmar, MN.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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