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2188 Cab Filter Improvement?

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hey jakeh we have a 2388 with the cab filter in the little door to the right of the cab.
Last year we got sick of it and changed it we got a small donaldson unit with a pre cleaner and put it under the over hang of the big top keeps it out of the rain works well.
Get about 2-3 days out of it in dusty wheat.
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All you need to do, is fully enclose the casing around the air filter - the bottom and the back. On the back piece weld a piece of pipe say 2", drill a hole in the grain tank so this will pass through it, mount a donaldson pre-cleaner up above the grain tank (position varies if you have a big top) put a piece of hose between the two, seal up where the air box passes through the grain tank and there you have it - a pre-cleaned cab filter. Any questions? - ask away.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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