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2188 jumping out of second gear

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We have a 2188 that will gradually slide out of second gear. It makes no noise and has no vibration in the gear selector lever. Is there a chance that I could change the detent balls and springs and get by or will I probably have to change gears also?
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Just went through this on a 1480 and it was a pretty simple fix for me. Put the tranny in second, and disconect the pin that holds the shift cable onto the linkage. Take a mallet and make sure the shift rod (if thats what its called that goes into the tranny with the detent balls?) is all the way into second. Make sure the shift lever is all the way in second and then adjust the tierod end until the hole lines up with the shift linkage. Put the pin back in and you're done. Hope thats at least a little clearer then mud.
Had the same problem on 1680, it required new gears in the transmission. Happened around 3000 hours.
i had same problem with a 1460 a few years back. local mechanic put a wedge of wood behind gear lever in the cab to hold it in place. never gave any trouble afterwards putting 4200 hrs on it before it was traded ! andy j
try adjusting your cables as well. Its possible that its not getting all the way to the detents because of cable stretch. That would be my 1st test. After that try the detents. Its not a big deal to change gears, however (A and I has the ones you need).
Just got my 2188 out of the shop and had the same problem, try putting a tarp strap from the lever on the side of the transmission to the frame, thats what the mechanic and I did and it worked. Your other option is a few thousand dollars worth of parts and labor. hope this helps
Tie strap or wood block will work for a while but eventually the shift fork will wearout/fail due to the higher constant pressure on it than it was designed for. 1st thing is the cable adjustment then the detents and if that does not fix the problem, drop the trans 2nd gear needs to be replaced.
my opinion though... if your going to drop the tranny you may as well do it in a couple of years. thats my plan anyway
I just finished replacing the transmission on my 1460. Last year I did practically all of the combining in 1st gear as I could not keep it in 2nd. After speaking with a mechanic at the local CaseIH dealership and also to a former mechanic, both suggested a transmission replacement was the best option. I installed a transmission from a salvage combine as the cost of the 2nd gear and the corresponding gear was cost prohibitive purchasing them new through CaseIH. I kept the original transmission in the event I may decide to use it as a backup if I experience problems with the replacement; but that needs to be fixed first. Does anyone know of another source for acquiring a replacement 2nd gear? From what I've been told this slipping out of 2nd gear issue is caused by a combination of factors: 2nd gear was not properly hardened , the teeth angle was not quite right, chaff and other debris builds up in the shifter likeage and prevents 2nd gear from fully engaging, shifter likeage wear. Are the detents adjustable or do they need to be replaced? What is the function of the Fishburn lock? Thanks for the help!!
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