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2188 parking brake

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Forbid this to ever happen, but if the parking brake was accidently engaged at 20 mph, what would happen........besides a WRECK!

Wondering, is there is a over ride when the transmission is in 3rd gear? If not, sure is a poor place for a switch...Ex: microphone for two way jumps out of it's clip and falls on the switch, engaging it. Don't care to find out the hard way, if you know what I mean!
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Quote:LOL Trakman your gona give all us new to us combine guys Ulcers


Lets see, what else can I think of.........Hummmmm?

Trakman, both of us have seen stuff beyond belief in our years of being in the field...let's just have some fun, huh?

On second thought, better not, maybe.
I have seen stuff that would make these kids fear ever even getting back behind the wheel of another combine--and I know you have, too.

Let's just all bear in mind to have SAFETY FIRST for the duratin of fall's harvest--and year-round on the farm, too!!!!
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