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2188 parking brake

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Forbid this to ever happen, but if the parking brake was accidently engaged at 20 mph, what would happen........besides a WRECK!

Wondering, is there is a over ride when the transmission is in 3rd gear? If not, sure is a poor place for a switch...Ex: microphone for two way jumps out of it's clip and falls on the switch, engaging it. Don't care to find out the hard way, if you know what I mean!
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The park brake switch is in the same place for all 2100 and 2300 and 2500 combines. The switch on the overhead console is for emergency park brake release, and is used in conjunction with the brake pedal.
Applying the park brake at speed does bring the combine to a rapid stop, enough to cause injury if unlucky. Keep in mind that the switch has a shroud around it preventing it from accidental knocks.
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