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Try this setting:

Concaves: front, 2 narrow, 1 coarse
Clearance: 2.5 to 3.0
Rotor speed: 580 rpm
Fan: 730 rpm
chaffer front: virtually closed
chaffer middle: 1/2 open
chaffer rear: 5/8 open
grain sieve: 3/16 inch

thats white I use as a starting point in northern Sask... canola country!

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Thanks for the response. I actually got some settings from another forum and tried them today, worked very well. I will make note of your settings though just in case, pardon the pun. I farm in the Peace Country in Alberta, so yeah, lots of canola. Canola-snow-canola!

These are the settings I'm using:

Standard Rotor
Small Wire Concaves
Clearence: 5
Rotor Speed:630 under load
Fan: 850 under load
Chaffer Front: closed
Chaffer Middle: 1/2"
Chaffer Rear: 1/2"
Grain Sieve "shoe" : 1/8"

I put these settings in and it was bang on, never had to fiddle after that.
How are your crops this year, my father in law lives in the Kelvington area and says it's been a tough year, with the flooding and all that, then the heat.

Good Luck
Mayo in the Peace
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