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2188 unloader

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Anyone know of a update to a 2188 unloader tokeep it from hitiing so hard when you push the button? I have heard of an orfice to slow the engagement. My dealer says , i think i might have heard about that once.
I broke a brand new shaft. 2nd in3 seasons.
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The hydraulic cylinder has some special pieces in it did you know. not a stock standard hydraulic cylinder
the unloading auger on our 2188 is slow, much slower than the 2388. i wanted to speed it up and always thought it was the port in the cylinder that is the problem. anyhow the port in the cylinder is very small and after looking at it and the internals i just put it back together.... rather than creating another problem. Maybe there is an orifice elsewhere, if i remember ill have a look in the parts book.
I guess i should have been clearer, i am refering too the small cylinder that starts the unloading gearbox . The shafts i am breaking is the one with the spline that goes into the vertical auger. Put a new gearbox in friaday night.
Then yesterday ,same machine , broke the chaffer rail on the left side,grrrrrrrrrrrr. I think its time to retire the ol girls ,in talks now on a different machine.. If i didnt have clovers to do i proabably wouldnt even get in a hurry to fix it.
Blury eyed and didnt read it properly.....

you might want to read this if you have sieve issues.
Its all fixable and is better than factory if you make it that way.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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