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2188 vs 2388

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i know this has been talked about before but how much difference is there between a 2188 to a 2388. looking at a 1997 2188 or a 2002 2388. using a 30ft 1020 beanhead and a 8 30 corn head. 45 bu beans 150-180 corn. thanks
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The 2188 may have electric header reverse but the 2388 will have hydraulic, electric is 50% of the time. If the price is not too much difference I would go for the 2388, check if the cummins is the emissions engine if so you may need to service the anariod valve otherwise power drops. The 2188 (97) may have had all the mods done. I still have problems with my 2188 with reel speed, I think it may be the shims in the valve. This never was an issue with our original 1460's. Seems you will always get the odd problem no mater what.
Other than what was said above. The 23 has more hydrolic drives like unloader, spinning screen on back, feeder reverser, more hp, has different air filter set up. the cab and most everything else are the same as far as I know. The 23 has the back window in the cab that folds down to clean and what not.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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