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2366 clean grain housing replacement

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I am attempting to replace the clean grain elevator housing on my 2366. It has 1700 seperator hours and has about as many holes as hours in it. My question is does it need to come out the top or bottom? Does everything bolted on top of it have to come out of the combine? Hopefully someone that has done this before can give me some pointers. And on the replacement should I use Case/IH or is there an aftermarket replacement that is of better quality? I know the stainless steel wears better but it is very pricey!

My old 1660 has over 4500 hours on it and the housing on it does not show any signs of wearing through. This new stuff must be made thinner now
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never put one in, have a 2188 in shop, will look in morn and let you now, scott.
I think the way to do it would be to unbolt the "head" on top, lay it in the grain tank, then pull the housing up and out from the top.

I ordered the entire clean grain elevator assembly, stainless, from the kit catalogue in August, and it just came in finally the end of November. I guess they are on build-as-order. It was $5600, that is crazy expensive, but considering what it all came with its not too bad. It is COMPLETE, I mean everything from bottom boot and door to the bubble up auger. Even came with the paddle chain, and even the #50 drive chain, tensioner, all sprockets, even the bubble up drive u-joint. And all completely assembled, just pull mine out and put this one it. Once I get it in the shop with a crane I don't think it will take much over an hour to change.

But I think they only have them for 88s, not 66s.

And I "think" lowen or worthington can get just the housing that you are looking for.

FYI there is 4600 sep. hrs on my elevator, I figured its shoveled over 4 mill bu of grain. Now I'd say its done well.
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I worked on it this afternoon and just about have it out. I pulled the head off and laid it in the tank. The housing should come out the bottom. Not a fun job by yourself!

I priced the stainless housing from Case and it was around $3500.
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