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2366 Feeder Drum setting?

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What position do you guys run the feeder drum in while doing soybeans? Top,middle or lower slot? Thanks for your help!
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Clear down, too many stone to leave it up........
In top position (which I have it in now)feeder chain does not seem to grab straw from auger when it gets just a little bit tuff. Checked auger finger timing & that seems alright. Was just wondering if middle slot ( lower feeder drum) would "grab" it better or drop it all the way to lower slot????
You may need to add a half link to the chain to bring it out futher. Take note that it doesn't fowl with anything on the front. This will also help with grabbing straw from the auger.
Tight causes the floor to wear quicker. I would prefer it to be in the mid to upper position with the stone retarder set more aggressive, for us anyway.
our old 2366 was in the middle when it showed up and was in the middle when it left for trade on the 2577 and always fed great
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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