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2366 for 5088

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I am thinking of trading my 2366 for a 5088. I run a 6 row chopper corn head and a 22.5 foot flex with air. I also have the fuel pump turned up on the 2366. If I switch to a 30 foot flex and an 8 row chopper, does the 5088 have ample power?

Thanks in advance for the info!
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From what I have read here & on other forums & after discusing chopping head with our CIH dealer I would think you would want to go with at least a 6088 & preferably with a 7088 if you're going to to an 8 row chopping head.

Dealer said a 12 row chpping head required an additional 80 hp over a conventional 12 row head.. Based on that a 8 row would require roughly 50-55 additional hp.

Not aure what forumn but someone mentioned they were running a 8120 with 12 row chopper & it was all the combine wanted in 200 bpa corn.

I say that it would have no issue.... we ran an 8 row non-chopping on our 2366, it ran it good in 200+ bushel corn just cleaning capacity was the issue we would run about 2.5-3.5 mph. We are going to a 5088 also.... it will be delivered as soon as the weather clears we are going to be running a 8 row non-chopping with it but...... 265 hp that is about like a 2188 and you can run a 8 row chopper on that..... i have seen pics of 2188's with 12 rows on the front. I think that people just think that they have to drive 6 mph the whole time that they are combining now days.... when in reality you are better off to just run a little slower and put a bigger head on a smaller machine and you will do a better job!

well 2366man that is true some should slow down and take thier time but after the mess we had here in central ohio i was pushing the guts out of my 2577 and 6 row non chopper between rains and as was my dad with his 5088 a 6 row 3406 head and our stalks are thick and tough this year as the plants did not fully mature so as this fellow is looking for is a faster harvest and if i was him with an 8 row chopping head and 30 foot table i would run no less than a 6088 if not get a 7088 to ensure efficient power while in his conditions
at least a 7088 or a 7120 if you want to run a 8 row head proper in 200 bu. corn i dont know if you grow wheat but around here we been growining 100 bu. wheat and on the 7010 about 3/ 3.5 mph is all it can handle in the cleaning area.
5088 is not enough HP for a chopping head. You will want a 7088 for sure.
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