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This is my first year in a combine, so bear with me. I work for a custom harvest company and found this forum so I figure I would post some questions about the combines. The combines are 2366's, one a '99 and one a '03.

1. Has anyone else had a problem with the U joint assembly on the bottom of the delivery auger? We just replaced them on the '99, because they got too wore and it ended up that we had to buy the whole works and it costed about $340. Wondering if those U-Joints should be replaced every couple years or if anyone else has had this problem.

2. On the '03, the fuel tank does not vent properly. Have tried new fuel caps that are supposed to be vented to no avail. Any suggestions?

3. We have a brand new 3206 corn head that has been nothing but trouble. We had a shaft that connects to the pto break, the ground sensors for the field tracker have not worked since day 1, we had to have a mechanic come out to adjust all the knives and weed knives, and tried to fix the ground sensor part. When he was working on it, the field tracker would react, but the bar hooked up to the sensor had to be pushed way up into the snout of the head before anything would happen. It is warranty work, but we dont have time to take it to a dealer for warranty work. Wondering what we should try. Also, are the chrome-pinned gathering chains worth the extra $20?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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