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2366 rotor speed

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What should the rotor rpm drop under steady load? Mine is dropping 100 and the engine is only dropping 50. The speed holds steady once the load is on. The wheat straw is tough and the wheat is 16-17 with patches over 20. It has been a real stuggle to get over 2.5 mph with a 25' head in 85 bu/ac wheat. It either won't feed in or I get shoe loss. I have been running the rotor anywhere from 880-1100, concave from 1.5-2.5, fan 1050-1200. Small wire concaves,15 gorden bars, keystock grates and trasport vains in slow. Any and all sugestions welcome. My thought is the vains should be put back to middle or fast to get the straw though without smashing up the heads. The staw is coming out fairly long but the heads are breaking up and causing shoe overloading and some trash in the sample. Corn sieves don't help but I'm stuck with them.

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Our rotor drops about 50 or about the same as the engine, but's that's with a specialty rotor. in 60 bu/ac wheat with a 20 ft. head at about 13% moisture. We pretty much ran the rotor exclusively in the 900 to the 1000 range, with the concaves about 1 and the fan at 1100. We ran the small wire wheat concaves with keystock grates with the vains in the middle position. We also got our dealer to put wheat sives in the combine instead of running our corn sives. We loved it. We have never seen a combine clean wheat so well, with minimum grain loss. So if you don't have them, they are not a necessity, but i would higly recommend them. For now, i would try moving your transport vanes to the middle position. Also, what speed is your straw chopper set on? Make sure its on the fast speed. We windrowed some straw in the slow speed, and that limited our ground speed to about 2.5mph, but when we spread the straw and moved the choppper to the fast position, we could run in the 4-4.5mph range. Hope this helps.
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Put in slotted grates. The keystock grates will let too much straw down on to your sieve which could be some of your overloading problem.
We run a 1666 with a 20' head. I drop the rotor about 60 to 80 rpm's. The rotor runs at 1110 empty 1030 full at about 3.5 - 4 mph. cutting the straw 6 inches below my knee. I think a 25' header is a little much for a xx66 machine.
I've seen people run a 30' head in wheat on a 2366
Mustve been poor wheat or they werent going very fast at all. Up my way wheat ussually runs anywhere from 80 to 115 bu. so anything over 20 -22.5 ft. heads is alot for a xx66.
I have no idea what the wheat they were running in was yeilding, as I was passing through on vacation when i saw it. Here in eastern nebraska, our wheat usually runs 40-65 bu. So in a word, yes a 30ft. head would really be pushing it in 115 bu. But on the other hand, i would not be at all afraid of running a 25-30 ft. head on a 2366 in 50-60 bu. soybeans, as i have run up to 6.5-7mph with a 20ft. head on a 2366, Although that is in picture perfect conditions.
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