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2377 clean grain slip clutch

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I am just starting corn harvest and am having fits with my clean grain elevator slipping. I had a little trouble last year early in wet corn so I changed to the high speed sprocket before starting this year. The problem occurs when in good corn and the hopper is full enough that the grain tank auger is having to push corn up. Is there anything else I can do to get around this PIA problem. Slowing down to 2mph and not filling the tank is inconvenient to say the least.
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Do you have an extra bubble up auger in the grain tank? That would help-
In the past I have put heavy washers behind the three springs on the slip clutch and that has cured the problem. Cheap fix and very effective.
Take a break cleaner and clean the slip clutch from all the grease!! Then cut 1/4 of the lenght of the distance rolls bhind the washers on the clutch off and grease the whole thing after fixing it with one pump of the grease gun!
Works perfect on our 2388!!!!

Tom that is great input...i think every one has had this problem, especially in high yielding crops with the bin full. I agree with the lots of washers trick its worked for us, we also had to replace a spring or 2 that broke. they aren't cheap, i think $35 or something.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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