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2388 8 straight sep bars in wheat

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setting up new to me 2388 in wheat. it has the afx rotor in it. not sure but will look today, i think it has 8 straight sep bars in it because it was last used in corn....if i dont take them out for wheat, what will that change? TIA
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You will really grind up the straw and it will take a lot of power. Don't go with any more than 4, 2 on the front half over the grates and 2 on the back half. If you're in lower yielding wheat (like maybe less than 50 bushels) you likely only need 2.
what about filler plates for the concaves...i think it has LW concaves in it
Small wire concaves work the best for wheat. You could run a LW in the third position. If you don't have enough wheat to justify buying another set of concaves then coverplates on the first concave is an alternative. Personally I don't like using cover plates because it reduces the area available for seperation and we are ticklish about grain loss.
what crops are you going to be harvesting? If you don't have a lot of high yeilding corn, you could probably get away with just leaving the front four bars on. You might then be limited by rotor loss in good corn. I personally would never take them all off unless you were doing alot of green stemmed beans or white and or edible beans in which case the tough straw will not rumble near as much, and you will have less splits. I did some experimenting in wheat and not really to my suprise, you got the best straw quality for bailing with no straight bars on, but it was much easier to throw grain out the back. Goalie, I though I saw a while back a post where you said you guys got a 6088, if that is true, be sure to let us know how you get along with it and how it compares to the 2588.
crops will be wheat, beans and corn. the most beans, then wheat, and corn the least. but the corn will be hopefully atleast 160+ as it will be watered.
Combinekid, we do have a 6088. See the 6088/2062 pics thread. We won't be in wheat until late July. We'll let you know.
Well, I used to run the front set of straight bars all the time, and then install the rear set only for corn. They are not hard to change, you only have to remove a couple grates to get at them. We only harvested soybeans, and got along fine leaving the front set on. goalie is right, you can make a decent job with just cover plates on the large wires, but I always ran the small wire concaves to do the best job I could. What seives do you have in you're machine? If you have the longer finger corn shoe, I would switch it out for a 1 1/8" grain shoe, and you will be able to do a much better job in grain. I left it in for beans and corn, but always ran it pretty much wide open for corn.
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