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2388 Air Conditioning Issues

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Our 2005, 2388 has issues with the air conditioning system. It seems whenever it is a nice warm day and you want the air conditioning to work, it doesn't. The valve under the buddy seat turns to shut the heat off but we seem to continue getting heat. The windows will fog up. To fix the problem short term, we put a manual valve in the heating line to shut off the hot water. The air conditioning will work then. Has anybody else had this issue? Any Suggestions?
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Check the low pressure switch which is located under the jump seat . Had problems when it started to cool down at night -- unplugged it and now no more problems . With the cab windows fogging up it is moisture left in the condenser evaporating after you shut off the ac . My suggestion is to have the cab air filter clean so the little pressurizing fan can supply fresh air to clean out the moisture and to use a combination of heat and ac to keep the temp at desired .Another thing is to take the seat off and to blow or wash out the evap core once every two years as it will get dirty because most of the air in the cab is recirculated through the cheap foam filter behind the seat .
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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