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2388 Air Conditioning Issues

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Our 2005, 2388 has issues with the air conditioning system. It seems whenever it is a nice warm day and you want the air conditioning to work, it doesn't. The valve under the buddy seat turns to shut the heat off but we seem to continue getting heat. The windows will fog up. To fix the problem short term, we put a manual valve in the heating line to shut off the hot water. The air conditioning will work then. Has anybody else had this issue? Any Suggestions?
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The Air conditioner of our 2388 just cut out. Thought it was gas. Found that the compressor is not Kicking in. Fuses are all Ok. Power gets to the relay. Relay does not get signal from control unit. Have replaced control unit with other combine. Still not working. Can anyone give me help on this. What else can I check ?
Yes Thank You.
Have had a set of Gauges on.
Found that the Evaporator sensor is faulty. Reolaced with another one. Now all is Fine.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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