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2388 capacity in 80 bu beans and setting ?s

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got to cut a couple bins of 75-80 bu beans today before i got rained out...runnig a 05 2388 w/ a 30 ft. head. do i have enough cleaning sq ft to handle this yield at 4 mph?..also getting a few hulls and pieces of broken stem in sample...and tailing is running a little high...set it by book but looking for help in fine tuning...thanks
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I would say open up the concave a little and if they are dry, possibly slowing the rotor and then maybe try opening the top sieve a little more and you might have to speed up the fan a little more or leave the sieves and just speed up the fan first. That's what we do. Good luck!
Did you get a chance to run more? We're also running 30' at 4 mph and trying to get a cleaner sample. ran rotor up to 630 concave 3.0 top sieve 7/16 bottom sieve 3/8 fan 1100 and still have found stems and pods in bin. Maybe I'll try opening concave to 3.5 or 4.0 when fields dry out again...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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