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2388 in corn

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This may sound pretty basic, but it's brand new for me. After years of putting silage corn in the pit, I'm trying grain corn for the first time. It looks like we finally got a couple of grain varieties that might work out here in Alberta. My question is what mods do I need to do to my 2388? I'm running small wire concaves now. I assume I need large wire or skip wire concaves. I run a Peterson adjustable air foil chaffer which is fantastic in small grains. Will it work in corn? The weather has been poor so the yield wont be great so I dont think I need to speed up the elevator. Anything else?

Thanks for any comments.
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Ya need a Corn Head..............LOL, couldn't resist. You will for sure either need to pull every other wire or get large wire concaves. You'll need keystock separator grates(at least I did), don't know about the Peterson chaffer. Good Luck!
The Peterson chaffer will work just fine. That's what we have.

Trakman is right about keystock grates, but if you don't have a lot of acres or don't expect yields to be very high slotted grates would work in a pinch; just put the channel bars on the inside.
d**n! I knew I forgot something! LOL picked up a corn head last weekend.
peterson sieve will be just fine large wire possibly eve round bar concave and keystock grates and glad to hear ya got that corn head too lol

i run a 2008 2577 and run large wire concaves keystock grates and 1 5/8 sieves and does an excellent job
Thanks. What do you mean by 1 5/8 sieves?
1 5/8 sieve is actually called the corn sieve but a peterson will do the trick
The fingers on the sieve are 15/8in long. It has greater capacity in high-yielding corn. The 11/8in sieve has shorter fingers, and is more of a general purpose sieve.
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