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2388 power loss

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We currently have a problem with our 2388. It's like it has no power, like it lost 15-20hp. We are running 0.5-1.0 mph slower than we used to. We have replaced the water seperator filter, fuel filter, and the air filter. At the high idle it makes a surging sort of sound.At all other ranges it still seems to sound the same. Again the power just isnt there like it was a week ago.
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Check all the air tubes that go from turbo to cooler and back to intake,rat damage or broken clamps usually.
Also check small tube at intake manifold that T's and goes to turbo waste gate cannister and fuel pump aneroid.

Thanks for the quick response. Will do in the morning. I was kinda wondering about the waste gate, but I'm not even sure what they look like or where its at. Also what is the fuel pump aneroid?

This thing is like drivin a 1680 right now and it's getting frustrating. It rained and we took the combine home while it was raining and it got put inside. Hasn't been the same since we started going again.
You can actually unhook the hose to the wastegate and plug the the fitting in the intake manifold.
This engine will never build enough boost to cause a problem.
All the local machines have been done that way.
If the cannister on the wastegate fails that is usually the quick fix and never gets fixed back.

Ok thanks. I read the thread here too so I saw that mentioned. Will see what happens tomorrow.
I think the aneroid diaphragm is on the top of the fuel pump. On our 2388 there was a small hole wore into the the long nipple looking piece that stuck out from the diaphragm. Just something to check. Plugging that wasegate line does help a bit; it didn't make ours a different combine, but it did add some power and it was free and a 10 min job.
Turned out to be a dirty fuel line. Took it off before the water seperator filter and blew it back in to the tank. Runs awesome now. Can run 3.5-4.0mph now. Thank you!!
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