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2388 pre season check

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We had a mechanic out from the dealer yesterday to do the pre season check on our new (to us) 2388. As it is our first red header I was a little concerned as When we purchased it I didnt really know what to look for apart from the normal things. But to my suprise it seems that it is really good condition with very little work needed on it apart from removing the feeder house and doing a few jobs in there. The comb is a different story as it needs a bit of work but most of it i was expecting and can be done by the apprentice (me) so it wont cost too much.

happy 2388 owner

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Good to will really like the 2388...what did you have before and what year is this 2388???
We have still got what we had before but it will be on the market after a few repairs its a 2002 TR89. The 2388 is a 2004, I am just about to start on the comb now. Here goes

I'll do that Case, I got the centre rollers pulled out and started on one of the side ones, Because I am not sure of its history we are going to replace all the roller bearings, It could be a bit of a job unless there is an easier way to get the hyd motor off the end of the roller. I found the locking grub screw but the side one doesnt want to come loose, so i went and did a bit os spraying while I thought about it.

I think from memory there are two allen head grub screws in each hole on the drive motor.
yeah I got the two grub screws out of each hole but the motor doesnt want to come off easily. But then what in life is easy???
Time to go and find a bigger hammer

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since its a 04 you need to ask if the updates have been done on the seperator belt engagement mechanism....from 03-04 combines we had to replace the d**n belt halfway threw season and thats not fun... then in 05 they changed something and it went away..did updates on the other two that fall of 05 before harvest and no more issues

some orfice..i think was put in somewhere.....
ur working on a draper?? how do you get the bearings out of a roller anyway? haven't had to do that yet but kinda wondered....
Stevo good move doing the bearings. bought a s/h paddock ready cx840 and nearly burnt it on about the 3rd day. Harvesting away in some 500kg/ha frosted barley last run of the day i decided, idled down hopped out and could smell burning. Turned out it was a bearing on the center feed draper. Not fun to replace but while we had them out did them all. It took the oxy and some persuasion from a hammer to get it out. Made the dealer do that and also made them machine a new end for it too. For the non wanting to burn the machine bearings just made a slide hammer and pulled them out that way.
Trying desperately to get into a 2388 for this harvest stevo, at the very least a 2188, dealers seem to stop talking to me when i mention i have a nh.
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