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2388 Rotary Air Screen Wear Strip

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We have a 2005 2388 with the rotary air screen on the side of the combine. The yellow wear strip on the screen itself is worn out. Our Case IH parts supply can't find the strip and I can't find it on the Case IH website. We had to buy a used screen that has some wear on it but eventually that one is going to wear out too. Does anybody know the part number or wear we can find that yellow wear strip?
Thanks for the help!
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This was recently discussed and a solution was found. I just cant remember if it was here or on agtalk. Do a search of both places for about 6-8 months back and see what comes up.
How many hours should I expect to get out of one of these wear strips?

Sorry, I don't have the part #. But, it kinda sounds lame if your Case dealership can't find it. I had to replace mine mid-season last year. The dealer had it on hand and me and the dealership mechanic put it on. It took 2 of us about an hour. Good luck!
If I recall we did ours for the first time at about 800hrs
Thanks for the information on the part number. We actually just bought the combine this year so we don't know how many hours have been on the wear strip that is on the combine currently. I would strongly recommend replacing the rubber seal that rides on the yellow wear strip as that has as much wear as the strip itself. The reason we were unable to find the actual yellow wear strip on the case ih website is because th description just says "repair kit". It has no diagram as to where the repair kit is intended to be used.
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