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2388 Rotor not feeding

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Hey I am new to this website thought you all maybe able to help. We have a 99 2388 and the rotor keeps getting clogged. We have replaced the veins in the rotor cone and two in the front of the cage. Still seems to be clogging up. Burnt two belts in last two days. Any ideas. Thanks.
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What rotor are you using? How worn are the impellers/flighting? How far is the rotor from the front bearing housing?(shim it as tight to the bearing as you can) Have you tried installing the two extra vanes between the cone and cage?
To agree with steigerman, this sounds like the symptoms of worn "elephant ears" on the front of the rotor.
We are running an AFX rotor. Checked the elephant ears and they were good, but while doing that looked at all the rest of the veins in the cage and just about al of them were flat on top. replaced them and figured out we getting the wrong belt. When they upgraded the rotor they upgraded the pulleys on the back to the larger pulleys. Runs like a brand new one now. thanks for everyones help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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