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2388 Rotor vibration

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I was wondering if I could ask some advice.

We have a 2001 build 2388. The rotor has had alot of vibration for sometime now, this is my fault I think, as I fitted extra teeth to the rotor where they appeared to be missing, and has unbalanced the rotor.

Removing 3 teeth has balanced the rotor, but the horseshoe shaped bracket between the gearbox is broken, as is the mounting it is bolted too.

Does anybody has any advice as to how I would go about and fix it please? I wasn't very keen to weld it in place as it would be difficult to get a good weld and fire.

Thank you in advance
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you are referrring to structure behind gear box right, need to remove gearbox, its been slugged a few times? to replace hardware, scott.
So far we've taken the drive belts off and removed the angle iron bracket which we're going to replace (£384) as we don't think we can weld it up strong enough. Then we're going to weld up the steel plate in front of that, to save removing the gearbox. Tomorrow's job now, didn't want to be welding late afternoon just incase it smoulders through the night.
I have 2005 2388(AFX) with huge vibration problem-broke bracket holding gearbox,dealer replaced- new dampener installed-4 hrs later one of the adjusting bolts loosened up-tightened up-cracked new gearbox bracket.- vibration so severe fixed half of rotor drive and moving half both flopping around-could this be a bent drive shaft or bearing out of the gearbox, or worn splines?
Sometimes dust/dirt/other crap inside the rotor will throw it off balance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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