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2388 to 2588

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just traded my 650 sep hour 2388 for a 320 hour 2588. I'm hoping to have a lot better luck with this one. I think our 23 was made the day after the night of the staff christmas party!
First new sp combine we've ever had and there always seemed to be something.
Neighbours have had great luck with theirs, but there are lemons I guess
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yeah it will really like some of the changes in the 2588...

also the new monitor is great...except it seems hard to get it postioned just right..... i really don't want it 5 inch's away from my head... not sure maybe i need to work with that more..

there really good machines...and you will tell a difference in the two... it just seems to be more pepy and has more power
All they did was add power. That being said, it definnitely is noticable, especially if your 2388 was more than a couple years old. The last year of the 2388 ('06, maybe?) was a 2588. We've ran 2588's the last 2 years. Good machines. We also had problems with our machine - called ours a Friday machine because everything was done half-assed before they left for work. Didn't align any idler sprockets, tighten chains, yield sensor quit after 150 acres, moisture sensor didn't even make that. Wrong software on the GPS. Terrible design on the chaff spreader rubber flapping (both tore off after 200 acres). Other than that, you'll love the 2588.

(That said, we just traded away to a New Holland because I ran a 7088 this fall next to our 2588 and wasn't all that impressed with what's coming in the future)
2588 has thicker steel on auger flighting in bubble up and some heavier components . axle , transmission . final drives more hp but All I really care about is one thing - dependability-

We had a 1460 with thousands of hours on it .then a 2166 it was good too and then we bought 2005 2388 new and it has been Brutal. Tried going to Deere but too much by the time I change headers. And I know the red machines and they are easy to work on .
We usually keep combines for quite a few years but I lost faith in this one . Although the next owner will probably have no problem with it now. Anyone tried installing Heartland repair kit for seives cost is minimal but sound like a fair bit of work
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I don't think anything in the axles is heavier (at least by looks). Maybe transmission, but I doubt that, too. Really, the only difference I know of is the HP, oh, and the new fuel filter gauges in the top right, which you can't see because of the Pro600 monitor placement.
Mustard, was your 05 a moline or grand Island machine? just curious.
yes it was built in the new plant , it had an haj serial number and I always wondered if there were other machines that were built there that were as troublesome. Seemed like they left all the tools in the old plant
yeah if you get the back curtains back on that macine u just need a poly strap to run across them and bolt it on there and that will fix it..

i'll get a pic of what i did earlier and it worked the rest of the year..
We recently traded our 2388 for a 2588. The 2388 caused a lot of trouble from the rotor to the hydro and throwing the sieves out. The first 50 hrs with the 2588 the chopper shaft broke so I hope I do not have another lemon, if so it will be my last red combine. It seems to me the quality is going down on new machinery.
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