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2388 to 60/7088 improvements

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How is the new combine's cornerpost display other than the 2388. What additional info is displayed? Is it better? What new header functions is available?
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It takes some getting used too but the quick guide sheet really helps. I like the grain loss monitor better and when u change heads if there's something extra to change then its easy to tell it that ur corn head is folding or has adjustable stripping plates. U really don't mess with that.

There's a tilt indicator u can get to quick and see if ur feederhouse is level which is handy
Thanks, how is the RTC working and where is the Field Tracker settings?
well on the corn head it works fine as long as the field tracker chains aren't tied

basically rtc happens when you set your head..

you put the head where you want it on low corn...hit 1...

put it where you want it on taller or avg height hit 2....

then when you hit resume it goes back and get to the end of the row and you want to raise.. you hold the shift button hit resume and it goes all the way up.

or you could assign 1 as field running 2 as high enuff up so that it doesn't record.....

then when you hit resume it goes between those two..

what are you going to use for a corn head?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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