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2588 A/C Woes

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My AC in my 2588 showed the code 01 in the temp. window. Looked in the book in the book and it meant it could be the high pressure switch. Had an AC repair man hook up his gauges and he checked the system out everything was working as it should be. We cleaned out the evaporator under the seat also blew the rad, AC man checked the belt he said it was a bit loose we tightened it up. The AC worked fine for 2 days then it started acting up again same error code. So would shut it off for a minute then turn it on some times it would work for upwards of an hour the next time 5 minutes or so. We got the field done, then the rains came, so now we are unsure what to try next. Any info would be appreciated.
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Clean the condensor unit.
The ac coils in front of the radiator.
That one being plugged is the one that will cause hi side pressure to rise.

Thanks for the reply, we did do that right off the bat as we mentioned in the first post. ProHarvest and the A/C man said it could be the control module under the seat or the switch by the compressor...we are waiting to see what else they find.
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