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2588 fuel indicator problem

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We have a 2588, the fuel tank is full, the fuel gauge shows 1/2 full and the low fuel light is on. We installed a new fuel sensor in the tank but the problem still remains.

Checked all fuses etc, we need help,

Thanking everyone in advance,
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what I would try is hook up the float sensor outside the tank, and lift float to the top then to bottom of its stroke while watching the gauge to see if it is the float or the gauge. You can also check the sensor with a multimeter to make sur its working.
The float is encased in a tube but I guess I could just flip in upside down, it comes out of the tank easily.

Thanks 2K farms
Sometimes the plastic float sticks to the aluminium casing of the sender unit. Remove the bottom screws and pull the float out and make sure there are no burrs that can catch on the slide.
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