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2588 vs 7010

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In the years past we have run 23&2588 and every year in good corn we dump it out the rotor even with every other wire pulled. Only running a 8 row corn head. Some numbers worst than others. This year we are going to a 7010 will we see the same problem or was it money well spent.
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7010 with 12 20" corn head, round bar module front right and no rotor loss 250 plus corn.
3000 bph hour with our 2588. No rotor loss. Where do you set your vanes?
The vanes are in the factory setting we tried slowing them down and that dident seem to help. This year we did put 12 spike bars on the back of the rotor and it seemed to help some. Tried running the rotor from 280 clear up to 650 and the concaves from 2 to 7 seems to work the best rotor around 300 and concaves on 3. Ground speed dont really seem to mater we run around 4mph but have slowed clear down to 1mph and it still comes out the back.
yeah im with these guys something needs adjusted..... we see the same as these guys no rotor loss and any speed great grain tank quality...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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