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3300 cylinder bar replacement

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How do I know when to replace the cylinder bars in my 3300? Mine measure a little over 1/4" (around .270 with calipers). One side on all of them is a little deeper (about .030") than the other. I only saw one with a damaged tooth/rib. The reason I am inspecting them is I kept having problems with the combine cracking corn and milo last year. I made the obvious cylinder and tailings adjustments but I just wanted to check this before beginning to harvest this years crop.
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Did some research today and found the guideline for rasp bars is about the thickness of a pencil or 1/4". That's about where mine are. Obviously on this small of a machine I'm not tending huge acreage, so what is the downside to running with rasp bars worn to the point they should be changed? Can they cause an increase in cracked grain? Would they also cause milo stems to be broken up bad and wind up in the grain tank (assuming everything else is adjusted as best as possible)
I did have to drop my cylinder RPMS to the low or slightly less in corn last year--I kept finding cracked corn blown out the back. I need to check the tachometer calibration to make sure it is correct. I had so much trouble trying to get clean milo that someone on here suggested looking into the cylinder bars. At that point last year I was almost done so it didn't matter.
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