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While giving my 3300 a once over, I noticed the header seemed to be flopping around on top of the feeder house. When raising/lowering the header and I go the other direction real quick it is wiggling pretty bad. I noticed the piece of sheet metal on top just below the large hinged access door was moving. Opened the door and there is a lightweight piece of angle iron riveted down each side of the top of the feeder house. Each side has a nearly identical break in this riveted part, near to where the door is hinged. I can weld the break on the inside and add a piece of angle on the outside to reinforce the broken part. Is this a common point of fatigue on these machines? I'm guessing everything in this series was built the same way. Is there somewhere else I should look for damage? I don't know how long its been broke, probably just the last few acres I ran it. I haven't ran the header into anything last fall. Obviously I didn't buy this thing new, but neither header has any sign of a collision.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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