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Rookie soybean grower here. We have 2-40' d-60 headers and have around 1100 acres of soybeans to cut in se sask.
Just looking for opinions on if we should be looking at a flex head or just use what we have for this year. I would love to have a flex draper but it isn't going to happen anytime soon. I can access a few 2020's for relatively cheap and wondering is it worth it to try these auger heads? Is a person going to save enough beans to cover the extra cost and headache? Our land is relatively flat but definitely not perfect for 40' rigid.
I've never ran an auger head in my life. Have been using Macdom drapers ever since we have made the switch to sp combines.
We did cut some beans last year with these headers but they were a hailed mess so it wasn't a real great test year it was November and just wanted to get whatever was there outta the field.
We are using an 8010 and 8120 if that matters. The 8120 has the header faceplate hyd adjustment. Is that a requirement or just more of a convenience?
Thanks for now
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