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4400 Cyl Speed control ratchet

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Trying to set my 1977 ish 4400 up for oats. The cylinder speed ratchet in the cab is doing nothing. I'm looking in the " Technical Manual " but not seeing that area broke down. Just the shives.
Can anyone help shed light on the linkage beteween the ratchet in the cab & the belt/pulley that adjusts the cyl speed.
I haven't taken the cover off the ratchet area in the cab yet but that's next. I don't want to get in over my head disrupting something else.
I looked behind motor and think there is a cable for something but not sure what.
Any ideas. Thanks for looking.
Dave. Hastings
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On my 6600 and 7700 there is a bicycle chain that runs to a shaft then to another chain and to your sheaves.... my 7700 was froze just take the chain off coming from the shaft and asjust it... very dangerous though.... my 6600 is still free...goood luck
Ok. Thanks Guvner. I'll look into it. & ya it doesn't sound like a cake walk. I'm surprised the tech manual has nothing I can find on the control. The ratchet works. Just no speed movement.
Too wet here in So Central Mi to run Oats now anyhow. Going to run them for a neighbor if they ever dry out. Lol.
Ya just lift the seat and the first chain is on your left. The other 2 are on the rt side of the combine. If the chain joining the 2 pulleys is broken or off the sprocket you will need to time the sheaves.
Timing them is easy to...its in the owners manual... did mine last fall..... also check the little bearing inside the sprocket that has two chains on it.... mine was bad and locking up..
Well mission accomplished... Sorry back so late but buisy round here. Turns out the linking chain from the shaft to the shrivels them selves was gone. Guessing laying in a field near Dundee... Where I bought it. Bout $16 at the dealer no less and I'm flyin again. Thanks guys. Turned out there were 6 bad links on the apron chain so he only got bout 1/4 of his oats in. Kept plugging w/all the weeds. So pulling that chain was in the fall "tune up " this yr. But my 18 yr old daughter enjoyed helping so made my fall. Now to get her behind he wheel.. Hope you all have a good harvest. & thanks again. Dave
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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