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First off I think the choppers on the 4400/20s and 6600/6620s are identical so maybe you 6600/20 guys can also help.

Had a bearing go on our 4420's straw chopper yesterday. Well actually the bearing looks fine, but it chewed into the shaft so it needs to be replaced. I was looking in the parts catalog and realized that the chopper on our 4420 is actually from a 4400.

They seem to have made a change in the straw chopper shaft for the "20" series combines, there's no pain in the a** puzzle of rings and bolts attached to the chopper shaft. Instead, the newer version looks like you attach the blades right onto the shaft itself.

Does anyone know if I can just order the 4420's shaft/bearing set and just hook it up my old "4400" straw chopper? Maybe even use the old blades from it? The older shaft design just seems like extra weight and too complex if you compare to newer shaft.

This is of course assuming JD still even has this part available
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