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Let me talk about the 4420. We ran 4400's back in the day, then a 4400 and 4420, then 4420 and 6620 then now the 9000's. The combine operators that have never run anything but big machines think they are super operators: they needed to run a 4400 in green stemmed beans, vines, a few weeds before the advent of roundup ready technology and such. Alot of us are spoiled to the capabilities of our super powered combines of the day but I feel I am a much more competent operator in tough conditions and also better able to set my machine because of what I learned sitting on a 44.

Also, I have seen a 4420 with the tires deflated cruise right around an 8820II 4x4 on tracks in the mud. They are not machines made to be pushed and go to the field with the mindset of cutting a load or two of beans and not 100 ac a day.

We always ran 215 heads until the 216's came out and carried 5 38" rows. I always felt the 213 was a better match but it straddles 3 38" rows. Nonetheless, have fun.
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