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4830 Problems

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We have a 2009 4830 that is new to us this year and it has a few issues.
The display has a alarm that comes on once and a while that says the connection to the controller has been lost once you hit ok it seems to work after.
it has froze up a few times for 20 minutes i got impatient and unplugged it and it restarted fine.
there has been twice that the engine hesitated and a fuel code 1347.07 came up again i shut down and restarted and it cleared and ran fine.
The service manger at the dealer said the fuel code is a hard one to diagnose due to the amount of sensors that could cause this problem.

i was wondering if anyone has run into these problems and if they are related to something like a grounding issue or common rub point on the wiring harness?
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Ok thanks.
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