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The clean grain elevators as you probably already know has been moved rearward locating it further back in the hopper and closer to the engine compartment. Last season my elevator head had a hole worn in it and I ran it a day before discovering it and plating it on the spot. What I found a few weeks later made me puke.
Clean grain was splashing out the hole in the elevator head into the engine compartment and on top of the radiator housing and yes in front of the rotary screen where it was pulled in through the duct with other chaff and debris, pulled up in front of the radiator fan and blasted into the core of the radiator and aftercooler buy the fan, flatening all the fins in both the radiator and aftercooler, FLAT I say.
All this damage in one day. Never a problem with the 9600/10s since the elevator is in the middle of the hopper. I tried to straighten the cores but only caused the radiator to leak.
Note: Aftercooler $2000.00 Deere proprietary
Radiator $2700.00 with freight OEM.
This could be a problem with STS machines as well Im not sure, but what I am sure of is if grain can get in front of the rotary screen, this damage will happen.
Another note. The aftercooler which is only available from deere for this application is an aluminum core with furnaced brazed tubes where they meet the tanks and My after cooler was Cracked at these welds EVERYWHERE, My radiator guy who builds aftercoolers estimated that I was loosing 50% of my boost pressure out the leaks.
It could not be repaired only replaced. After lengthy discussion and head scratching the only thing we thought could cause these cracks is harmonics from the engine, machine fan roaring, etc. The aftercooler in the 50s are mounted solid to the air box and radiator with no rubber between. If you recall the 9600s were basically loose fitted in the air box and could move as needed.
I replaced my cooler and added rubber between every mount hope it helps, now Ill be pressure checking my coolers after every season. This machine had 1500 hrs when this all happened.
Moral of the story is, pressure check all your coolers OFTEN and dont let elevator leaks put grain in front of the rotary screen or you will puke as I did.
Good day.

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The aftercoolers are built by behr, i have yet to source it though. I cant believe that radiator on later 9650's costs 2700 and you had to pay freight - if you stock order it thru deere I thought freight was free. If you had an earlier machine with the ah169363 unit it runs around $800, quite a difference.

Did you ever notice any problems with how it ran with the leaky aftercooler or was it fine? Have your dealer search DTAC and see if any solutions are out there for this problem.

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