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500 acres how much is to much

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So we have lived on the farm for about 10 years now, and we owns 350 and rent another 150 and just picked up 66 more acres, we have a inconsitently decent gleaner f3 and am farming with it, and have to have just about all our beans custom done, so to take the custom work out we are thinking about buying a new machine, all makes all models, what do you think would be good for us, were in the ball park of 50-60 g
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1680's good machines. should be able to pick a nice on up for that price or a higher houred 2188. both good machines.
1460 or 1660 would do very well and still take on added acres later on.

It all depends how fast you want to get done, and how effieiently you run your equipment. We run over 130 acres barley, 270 beans, and 400+ acres of corn through our 1620 yearly. But i know of guy who runs a 2377 on 400 or less.... I've found with some the size of their combine has more to do with their ego than anything else. (we're probably shopping this winter as the 1620 is getting up their in hours...2900)
Ibought a 1666 three seasons ago at auction for $25,000 and just updated to a '94 25' 1020
grain table 3 weeks ago for $5500 and use my rebuilt 863 $2200 6-30 head for corn . so far just a rotor belt last wed and sieves on the start and run about 500 acres every year.
I would say a Gleaner R52 or 62 if you want over kill. A Deere 7720 or a 9500 if you want bigger. A CIH 1660 would also work well or one of the 40's. I think the main question you have to ask yourself is if you are planning to expand your operation anymore or if you are happy with 500 acres.
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