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Hello, question about the wedge shaped wear plates behind the cutter bar. On a 500 flex model the parts book shows a shim under the wear plate which raises it, the 400 non flex header shows not needing them.
We bought new guards and teeth for ours and upon assembly can't get the shims back in without everything binding up really bad(tops of the guards). So to get it assembled and running free we left the shims out, lowered the wear plates and bumped them out to minimized most of the front to back movement of the bar and seems to run ok.
Is this ok to do with the flex head? It allows the teeth to get down on the guards, they lay flat and seem to glide across just fine. We have the shoe tops adjusted and tapped down with about 30/1000's clearance and no wear going on top and seems ok.

Just wondering what others have seen and done?

Thanks in advance
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