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500 seriers cutterbar tilt questions

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Cut beans yesterday and 1st time using new to me a 500 series 20ft head on a R50. this head is a SCH setup with a new sickle and guards look great. It left a ragged cut and would like to cut lower. By lower I mean the feather sheets need to be flatter. It cuts the stalk low enough. #1 looks like the guards are slightly pointed up. what is the recommended tilt. I don't have any rocks. #2 Read the adjustments in the book for down pressure on skid plates and my springs are roughly 2 5/8". The ground is very soft and I never pushed any dirt once or leave marks. I'm thinking it could have more down pressure. #3. I'm running in the low position and my old 300 head would go lower, problem is beans are sitting on the feather sheets and i have to power down to feed better. Reel is about as low as I want to go as will almost get into guards when I power it down. I feel it needs to go down about an inch to flatten out better. I haven't check the deminsion of the rod to the the 3 springs on the header height control. Do you shorten or lengthen a tad to go lower. Otherwise it floats great across the head. Also beans stems were tough which was probably most of the problem, but got a little time to tweak. Thanks Greg
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If you do not have air reel and have short enough beans to have bunching at cutter bar on one side only the head is not level with machine. You see the reel is going to stay level with the header and the cutter bar is hugging the ground. With this the reel will not have same distance from cutterbar all day thus not staying clean on the one side. Just an inch makes a big differance in some conditions if running just a standad reel. Get head leveled and then if equally as good or bad side to side you need to check into hose behind cutterbar or belting on reel to help bat it in.
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