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Just got a new 5088 and like it very much, but that thing goes slow down the road. About 18.5 mph is all she will go. It has a 2 speed hydro so I thought I would just flip that whisker switch and be able to go 25 mph, but when you engage the 2 speed hydro the revs drop to 1750. Whats up with that. Even in the field, unless the seperator is running when you press the button the engine revs down, Is this normal? Is there any way to bypass that? Thanks.
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Yes I have but I thought all that did was disable all the functions.
I thought it gave you a faster road speed.
I know it does on the 20 series.

The hydro is controlled mechanically so the road mode switch can't control ground speed like a 10/20 series, there is something with the two speed switch and engine rpm's, engine speed is how they are limiting ground speed on this machine, don't recall the specifics of how it is tied together. maybe someone else know the details.
You are limited to 20 mph ( by lower rpm's ) when the transmission is in 3rd gear. When the two speed is in high, the 20 mph limit comes into play. We have two new 7088's.

Yes you can bypass it by removing the 3rd gear micro-switch at the base of the trans shift lever. Done it before on 2100,2300 and 2500 series. Not hard to do at all.
I did bypass the switch, I was wondering if anybody knew how to stop the revs from falling when you press the 2 speed switch. vq35de do you have the folding bin on your 7088,s and are you happy with how much they hold.
We bypassed the switch on our 6088 and get 23 on the road. Have never seen the engine rpm drop. Run in hi speed all the time, even in the field. Maybe we just got a hot one. Haha.
We have the folding bin on our 6088. I don't think it holds any more than the regular bin extension. Trouble is you have to remember to put it up and down. They need a warning bell when you start and shut off the seperator.
Got the speed problem fixed! Mechanic bypassed two safety switches under the right console, she goes 25 mph now. Started cutting beans again today for the first time with the 5088 and it handles that draper head alot better than my 2577 did. I was cutting at 6 mph and doing a very good job, I think the head drives faster on this combine.
i need details how to find these swithes?!?
The switch is located under the fuse box panel. Follow the gear shifter down and it has a long fin that will be pressed when the machine is shifted to 3rd gear.
I am not sure how to bypass it though. 2 wires coming in and 1 wire leaving. Unplugged the 1 wire and now the combine is stuck and the seperator won’t come on. How do you bypass the switch?
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