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What got me started on this mini project was a carrier Telus six tower outage last week and since then 5G was normal but wifi was smoke signal material. Hmm..
Time for my annual normally time waster call to carrier Telus.
Wasn’t home at the time so couldn’t check wifi, that turned out to be a good thing.

Several tests with various receive methods just this am.
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From the top:
The first one Telus smart hub routed through a Netgear router.
The second one Telus smart hub routed directly to pad. Those two speeds essentially identical as one would expect.
The third line was 5G direct.
The fourth line Telus smart hub direct first test.
The fifth line was LTE direct. Wait a minute. Download 20% ish faster and upload almost double of 5G? Huh?
The sixth and last line initial test 5G direct.

After tower restarts;
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Bottom two 5G direct, the rest just repeated wifi to confirm results.

Turns out Telus Smart hub just needed power cycled/reset to get it back to normal.

As to 5G Telus Smart hubs, they are under test in BC and when confirmed Alberta and BC customers will get notified.
Huh, really Telus?!

5G slower than LTE especially upload? Really Telus?!

Going to take awhile to stabilize performance, been wildly variable ever since 5G showed about 4 months ago.

All interesting.

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My home is only 2 km away and can see virtually the entire tower.
Interestingly on the road to Three Hills there is a dead spot when you are actually closer but obscured by the the first hill of Three Hills, towers are on the third hill.
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