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60 ft. swath in 9860 Premium

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My sentence sounds a little confusing in hindsight. That is a 30 ft. doubled to make a 60 ft. swath.
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Here is a 30 ft double swath being picked up by our 9860 premium. Wheat was running 55+ bpa. It was getting dark and I slowed the camera down. This won't reduce size in Photobucket. The machine handled the material well but you had to drive half as fast so there was no advantage. Straw chopping was good with the regular chopper not the power board. It was hard to swath this way and hard to drive in because the swath filled the entire pick up.

One more.
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looks very familar because we put 2 30' swathes of proso millet together to pickup as well. we only use an old massey 850 though, millet last year was running about 50 bu/acre. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

If you have to drive half as fast with the 60' swath, why not just pickup the 30' swaths, twice as fast. This would be less difficult cutting, easier to pickup, and the chaff would be spread accross the whole field better. I wouldn't want that much chaff in on row, you couldn't get rid of it as fast through cultivation.
To answer 2 questions. Yes we got that pickup with the new combine this year. Secondly, I only did the 60 ft. as a test to see how the combine handled all that material. Dad said after picking up those two rounds, "Never do that again, it was so wide it was hard to get it all on the table and the speed was so slow". I wanted to have one round for the JD and the other for the 970 NH but that day the yellow was down for repairs. That's a whole different story that I'll post on the NH page.
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