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We've had some problems with the 60 series STS with the big grain tank on 96,97,98's where the grain tank bends. Deere has a modification for this where they straighten it out (Instructions show a sledge hammer) and weld in some type of support piece. So you guys might want to check and see if you notice this. It wont be obvious at first, because is fix as fail, they wont willingly come out and do it like other pips

Machines in this program are within the following serial number ranges:
H09660S715411 - H09660S721047
H09760S715515 - H09760S720965
H09860S715634 - H09860S720675
Some machines within the serial number range were repaired at the factory or do not require this program. An exception list of those units will not be printed.
Claims for machines not listed in PIP HISTORY will not be accepted.
Due to variances in manufacturing of the grain tank assembly, the feet of the front grain tank legs are not properly aligned with the mating surface of the chassis rails. This misalignment causes the front legs to yield during assembly in the factory.
Sheet metal laminate legs will be provided in a kit that will reinforce the front grain tank legs. These laminates will be bolted in place.
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