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6088/2062 pics

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Finally got the draper head home and wanted to make sure everything was going to hook up to the new combine since the head was coming off of a 2388. Snapped a few quick pics but didn't have a lot of time as I'm heading west Monday to start cutting wheat later in the week hopefully. Hopefully find sometime to get some action shots in July when the crop is ready.

Not likely going to be having any cars drive under me when moving because there's not many places you can move in Ontario with that big of a head on the machine but cool to know it can be done.

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Nice machine! Really like the new style.
Can't wait to get ours... won't have the electric extension but that looks nice...

hopefully the new 3408 corn head comes right along with it... or before is good too!!!

what other goodies did you get on that... also what all did you do to the draper so that it would hook up?
The combine is pretty well loaded, only things I can think of that it doesn't have is the 2 speed feederhouse, the leather seat, and any autoguidance.....just yeild and moisture. Other than that I think it has it.

Not sure what all they had to do to hook it up. The head orignally came from Elbow Lake MN where it was ran on an 8010. The guy who brought it to Ontario put it on a 2388 so had to convert it over for the smaller feederhouse faceplate. He added the single point hook up to his '88 so I don't think they had to change much there but I do know they had to do something with the electrical. It was nice though not having to wire in an extra switch to change the knife angle. There is now a button on the back of the joystick you push and hold while you press the fore/aft button and it adjusts your knife angle.

We do have to get a different hook up for the hydraulic pump though and I'll let Goalie explain that one to ya....he has the diagrams and part numbers at his place.
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Nice rig mx110. Had a 6088 roll in on the weekend. The draper would have swapped over with minimal effort especially if it was for an 8010 originally. Good luck with her. The ones coming here to oz have got a different bar / guard over the revolving wand on the screen. If I get some pics on this flicker thing i'll post them.
Casefarmer, to put the hydraulic pump on the 6088 that has been on your 2588 you need to change the sleeve on the pump to go onto a 540pto slined shaft. I'm not sure how that's all done because ours came with that change already made. Also you need a "torque arm bracket" that bolts on the side of the feeder to hold the pump from spinning. I believe the pump handle that you have to put the pump on the 2588 will be the right one. Send me your email addy and I can forward you the service bulletin that Macdon sent me regarding this.
Goalie - you are correct with the inner sleeve of the gear drive pump. We had to change one from an 8010 back to 2388. It was cheaper to buy a whole new gearcase than replace the inner sleeve.
What hydraulic pump are you guys talking about having to do work on/change out and why?
The draper knife and belts are run by their own hydraulic system. The pump mounts to the feeder driveshaft.
Oh ok, because I just bought an FD 35 for my 2388 that was set up for an 8010 originaly and I just changed the face plate, drive shaft end, added the single point hydraulic kit to the combine and wired in the switch to change the knife pitch.....
Great looking combine, mx110. What size dual tires are those? (They look like 520's) Is floatation/compaction a big issue where you farm?
MX110, great looking machine, good luck with it! Give us the full report when you get it in the field
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Tires are 620-70R42 fronts and 600-65R28 rears. We went with bigger rubber because this combine weighs about 3000 lbs more than the 2588, it holds 70 gallons more fuel and we're putting a 36' on it as opposed to a 30'. Compaction is always an issue.
casefarmer, why did you go with the case cornhead instead of drago? or are you just loyal to your dealer?
Yeah you're correct, but the earlier model (same as the one pictured above) have the draper drive circuit run by the pump on the right hand side of the feeder.
gotten this thing out yet????? like to know how well you like it as we just purchased a 5088 with a 2020 30 foot and 3406 corn header
Dealer is awesome and since they changed those to be more like the 1083 corn heads...a little more we liked the sound of that.

figured by now they had these heads figured out...then no drago dealers really near love to demo one just a normall head...we don't need chopping heads.... at best on corn we can hit 185...normally more like 148
ihdriver, we haven't hit the field yet. Wheat won't start here for another three weeks. The 5088 will fly with a six row on it. I didn`t think that Case made a 3406.
The 5088 is basically a 2388. Same HP,sieves, etc., etc., etc. Should be way ahead of the 2366.
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